Norman Reedus Explains How Drunken Yelling Got Him Discovered

During his visit at the Tonight Show on October 7, 2015, Norman Reedus told Jimmy Fallon that he got his first big break into acting while drunkenly yelling at a party.
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Norman Reedus Plays Would You Rather

Reedus played “Would You Rather” while backstage at The Tonight show on October 7, 2015.

Norman Reedus answered fan questions about Cheeto fingers, accordion legs and bacon grease tears while backstage at The Tonight Show this week.

As per usual, Norman’s answers to these bizarre questions were delightfully quirky and unexpected.
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13 Epic The Walking Dead Jack-O’-Lanterns

The Walking Dead Jack-O’-Lanterns

Nothing says October like The Walking Dead jack-o’-lanterns!

If you’re a hardcore Walking Dead fan, adding a TWD-inspired pumpkin to your Halloween decor is a no-brainer.

Make sure to check out our Top 10 The Walking Dead Jack-O’-Lanterns before you bust out the carving utensils. These walker-riffic pumpkins will inspire you to up your game. Continue reading “13 Epic The Walking Dead Jack-O’-Lanterns”

The Walking Dead Fanatics’ Top 10 Michonne Memes

Top 10 Michonne Memes

No Walking Dead fan will ever forget the moment when Michonne emerged from the woods with her katana and walker pets in tow.

Team Badass gained another member that day and millions of Walking Dead fans became part of Team Michonne.

In honor of our favorite sword-wielding samurai, we’ve put together a Top 10 list of our all-time favorite Michonne memes. Enjoy!
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The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Trailer: You Don’t Have a Choice

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Rick Grimes warns that “things are going to get worse” in the latest trailer for The Walking Dead season 6 premiere.

Things weren’t exactly going swell for our group of survivors when we left off at the end of season 5, but judging by the gigantic horde of walkers shown in this preview, it looks like his prediction will prove to be all too accurate.

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27 Memes for Everyone Who Has a Daryl Addixon

27 Daryl Dixon Memes

Even though Daryl Dixon was not originally planned to be on The Walking Dead, he quickly stole our hearts and became one of our favorite characters. It’s hard to imagine what the show would be like without him… If Daryl dies, we RIOT!

Can’t get enough Daryl Dixon in your life? These hilarious memes are sure to put a smile on your face.
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