Meet the Cast of The Walking Dead

The-Walking-Dead-season-3-wallpaperHere is a list of the scheduled events where you can meet the cast of The Walking Dead.

Motor City Comic Con

  • May 17-19
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Guest: Norman Reedus


  • May 17-19
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Guests: Michael Rooker, IronE Singleton, Addy Miller, Mike Mundy, Alex Wayne, Tony Gowell, Jeremiah Scott

Phoenix Comicon

  • May 23-26
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Guest: Michael Rooker, Chandler Riggs, Laurie Holden

Spooky Empire

  • May 24-26
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Nick Gomez, Theodus Crane


  • May 24-26
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Guests: Lew Temple, Vincent M. Ward

Wizard World

  • May 30 – June 2
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Jon Bernthal, Nick Gomez

Fanboy Expo

  • May 31 – June 2
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Guests: Madison Lintz, Theodus Crane, Kylie Szymanski, Josh Stewart, Chandler Riggs, Tyler Chase, Daniel Thomas May

Falls Horror Fest

  • June 8 – 9
  • Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Guests: Madison Lintz, Kylie Szymanski


  • June 14-16
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, IronE Singleton, Chandler Riggs, Daniel Thomas May, Travis Love, Theodus Crane, Addy Miller

Wizard World New York

  • June 28-30
  • New York, NY
  • Guests: Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, Michael Rooker, Chandler Riggs

Florida Supercon

  • July 4-7
  • Miami, Florida
  • Guests: Laurie Holden, Addy Miller, Chandler Riggs, Theodus Crane, Travis Love

London Film & Comic Con

  • July 5-7
  • London, England
  • Guest: Sarah Wayne Callies
  • July 17-20
  • San Diego, CA
  • Guests: The guest list has not been announced, but is likely to include main cast, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard.

Fandom Fest / Fright Night Horror Weekend

  • July 26-28
  • Louisville, KY
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Lew Temple, Chandler Riggs

Steel City Con

  • July 26-28
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Guest: Theodus Crane


  • July 26-28
  • Greenville, SC
  • Guests: Walkers – Rodney M. Hall, Larry Mainland, Sonya Thompson, Michael Koske

Boston Comic Con

  • August 3-4
  • Boston, MA
  • Guest: Laurie Holden

Wizard World

  • August 9-12
  • Chicago, IL
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies


  • August 16-18
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Guest: Lew Temple

Fan Expo Canada

  • August 22-25
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Guest: Norman Reedus


  • August 30 – September 2
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Guest: Laurie Holden


  • September 6 – 8
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Guests: Michael Rooker, Lew Temple, Vincent M. Ward, Iron E. Singleton


  • September 13-15
  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Guest: Chandler Riggs

Nashville Comic Expo

  • September 14 – 15
  • Nashville, TN
  • Guest: Lauren Cohan

Wizard World

  • September 20-22
  • Columbus, OH
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, Michael Rooker


  • September 20-22
  • Charleston, WV
  • Guests: Nick Gomez, Theodus Crane, Savana Jade Wehunt, Kevin Galbraith, Cait Johnson
  • October 10-13
  • New York, NY
  • Guests: The guest list has not been announced, but is likely to include main cast, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard.

Wizard World

  • October 18-20
  • Nashville, TN
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal

South Texas Horror Con

  • October 25-27
  • McAllen, Texas
  • Guests: Michael Rooker, Lew Temple, Vincent M. Ward

Wizard World

  • November 22-24
  • Austin, TX
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Jon Bernthal


Paris Manga and Sci-Fi Show

  • February 9th/10th
  • Paris, France
  • Guest: Melissa McBride

Sci-Fi Expo

  • February 9-10
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Guests: Danai Gurira, Laurie Holden

The Walking Dead Live!

  • February 14th
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Greg Nicoter, Steven Yeun

The Walking Dead Live!

  • February, 15th
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Greg Nicotero

Wizard World

  • February 22-24
  • Portland, OR
  • Guests: Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus

Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

  • February 24
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Guests: Danai Gurira, Laurie Holden

Emerald City Comicon

  • March 1-3
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Guests: Charlie Adlard, Danai Gurira

Monster-Mania Con 24

  • March 8-10
  • Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Guests: Lew Temple, Vincent Ward, Laurie Holden, Scott Wilson, Danai Gurira, Michael Rooker, IronE Singleton, Kylie Szymanski, Madison Lintz

Dead Winter

  • March 8-10
  • Somerset, KY
  • Guests: Savana Jade, Michael Koske, Larry Mainland, Sonya Thompson

HorrorHound Weekend

  • March 22-24
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Sarah Wayne Callies, Michael Rooker, Jon Bernthal, Greg Nicotero, Scott Wilson, Lew Temple

Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival

  • March 29 – 31
  • Nashville, TN
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Lew Temple

Steel City Con

  • April 5-7
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Guest: Madison Lintz

Tampa Bay Comic Con

  • April 6-7
  • Tampa Bay, FL
  • Guests: Emily Kinney, Lauren Cohan (Sunday Only)

Festival of Fear

  • April 20-21
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Guest: Michael Rooker

Chiller Theater

  • April 26 – 28
  • Parsippany, NJ
  • Guest: Theodus Crane

Motor City Nightmares

  • April 26-28
  • Novi, Michigan
  • Guest: Michael Rooker

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

  • April 26-28
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Guests: Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride

Texas Frightmare Weekend

  • May 3-5
  • Dallas, TX
  • Guests: Jon Bernthal, Theodus Crane, Nick Gomez, Vincent M. Ward

Central Texas Toy & Comic Expo

  • May 4, 5
  • San Marcos, Texas
  • Guests: Michael Rooker, IronE Singleton, Addy Miller, and Noel G.


  • May 4th
  • Niagara Falls, NY
  • Guests: Daniel Thomas May, Tyler Chase, Kevin Galbraith, Moses J. Moseley


  1. Please let me know if I need tickets and how to purchase them to meet cast of walking dead in Columbus Ohio on sept 20th – 22nd. I’ll need about 4 or 5 tickets. Am so happy they are coming here I am such a Hugh fan. Thanks

  2. Is there a day when The Walking Dead cast might come to Baltimore, MD??? I’m a huge fan!

  3. when you come to Chicago, or Ohio how about making a stop to Indianapolis, IN. We have tons of comic book store you can visit. PLEEEEEASE!!!

  4. Please send Norman and Lauren Cohan for Phoenix comic con may 2014. Thanks. Plus that red shirt on the right with zombies has my good friend who also go to cons as a guest. His name is Michael koske. He is on top row in the middle

  5. What about Minnesota?…I can not travel far, I take care of a Sassy 85 yr.old….lol…

  6. I would LOVE to see the Walking Dead cast come to Fargo, North Dakota one of these days! That would be awesome!!

  7. What do you mean by guests? Is that like the only walking dead cast people going to be there?

  8. Norman Reedus won’t be there on Friday, May 17th for the Motor City Comic Con. Only the 18th & 19th.

  9. Norman come to Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota this year and bring the bike you ride on the show. People would totally go nuts if you came!!! I know I would!